Internet Visibility Optimization Service is the new service offering to businesses, governments, and individuals to make their data visible and discoverable on the Internet.

IVOS: Internet Visibility Optimization Service

Many things have changed from the early days of the Internet and there is so much data on the Internet that so many businesses will never be seen for their lifetime on the Internet, thereby causing catastrophic losses for their owners.

What is Internet Visibility?

Internet Visibility simply means getting found on the Internet by your data or information.

Internet Visibility Optimization Service will give your business the required boost to be noticed on the Internet.

Here is the transcript of the video you just watched:

Internet Visibility Optimization Service video transcript

I think businesses should take advantage of this because it’s just me. So it’s just a very few people I’m going to do this service for and it’s just going to happen for a short period of time like the service…

I’m going to be providing this service to select businesses. I’m currently doing this service for and I’m also offering this service to Adiba and then I’m also doing it for my own platforms that I own like,, and

Em. It still falls under my normal business development services but this time I’m scrapping all those things I used to know like you know Google has currently updated their algorithm and this one is a big one and I think so many businesses will actually become invisible like I really mean it…

so in order for businesses to be visible, I, I, I created a short note and I created a type of service that could be beneficial to you. And I think you should actually take advantage of it.

It goes this way most businesses in Nigeria are getting left out. They are becoming ghosts gradually and fading to oblivion in a few months people will walk past their physical locations and not know they’re there.

As a business you want to be seen, but it’s quite unfortunate that people are not looking for you where you are right now. So where are people looking?

Every day thousands of people are looking for your business on the Internet. The sad story is that they would never find you. Let me give you the bad news first. Each time they find your competition, you become more invisible.

This is largely because the Internet knows exactly how to punish you for not being there for the people who need you. Every time you lose an opportunity to be found. The more the invisibility cloak rewards you with a lower opacity value.

Is this why you started your business to be invisible? Huh? There’s only one solution that can start lifting your invisibility cloak. So is this why you started your business? No. No, of course not. you didn’t start your business to be invisible.

It’s not like it’s your fault. Business is actually becoming invisible. It has more to do with search algorithms. The way search engines are designed, consumer behavior, and what people are doing right now on the Internet. Most people don’t even look at signposts.

They don’t look at physical billboards anymore. Everything happens online companies are doing social media advertising like… People are just on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and co…

So to cut a long story short. There’s only one solution that can start lifting the invisibility cloak off your back. You need a top-of-the-line Internet visibility optimization service. This Internet visibility optimization service, which I call the I.V.O.S.

It’s a concept I created for businesses that are currently invisible. It’s the first time in Nigeria that somebody is creating that concept with those keywords. I.V.O.S. you know, Internet Visibility Optimizing your service.

I’ve not even gotten my head around pronouncing it. Sometimes I forget but it will take me some time. No problem. Maybe we will change S.E.O to I.V.OS.

So people will start talking about I.V.O.S. I.V.O.S I.V.O.S. I.V.O.S… Internet Visibility Optimization Service. Some web development companies will start adding it to their service line. It’s quite different from the normal SEO that you know, and it’s something you should actually do for your business. So I call it the I.V.O.S. Internet Visibility Optimization Service. So let me know through chat if you need this service.

Okechukwu Ezekiel is my real name. Thank you for your time and I hope I can be of service to you.